Material Others and Other Materialities: Abstracts

Douglas Atkinson – The Material Other in Fashion Making

Johanna Bolton – Circle or Oval?: Concepts, Non-identity and the Lifeworld.

Michel Erler – Robotum Anthromorphum: of Virtual Assistants and their Networked Materialities

Mark Ingham – Fishing for Zebedee

Virna Koutla – Emergent Materiality: the Self and the Other in Material Dialogues

Betti Marenko – The Nonhumanity of Planetary Computation: Metis, or how to live with Digital Uncertainty

Werner Prall – My Neighbour, that Thing

Dan Smith – The Corporeal Witness in Katie Green’s Lighter Than my Shadow

Ken Wilder – The Immateriality of Titian’s Pesaro Altarpiece