This is the blog site of the Informed Matters research community, a group of researchers in art, media and design based at the University of the Arts London.

Broadly stated, the question that Informed Matters has set out to explore is the relation between matter and information in arts, media and design practices.

In our digitally informed world, it seems, there is a the tendency to parse cultural objects as ‘informed matter’ – the information separable from the matter it informs. So, on the one hand, cultural production seems to have become increasingly the production of ‘information’, apparently immaterial in itself, as the ubiquity of phenomena such as social media, data mining and 3d printing increasingly shape both the culture we inhabit and our subjectivity. On the other hand, all information, as far as we know, exists in a material form, a fact that every artist or designer is especially confronted with the further they venture into the potential of contemporary technologies and digital media.

What models and examples, then, can be found to make clear the ways in which the rise of information and the digital are changing the conception and apprehension of matter within cultural practices? And what approaches to matter and materiality can be developed to guide art and design practices in this context?


  • Dr Andrew Chesher, Stage 1 Leader, BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL
  • Dr Amanda Windle, DigLab Fellow, London College of Communications, UAL
  • Allan Parsons, Associate Lecturer, Central St Martins, UAL & University of Westminster
  • Duncan Wooldridge, Course Director, BA Fine Art Photography, Camberwell College of Arts, UAL
  • Dr Betti Marenko, Research Leader, Product Ceramic and Industrial Design Programme, Central St Martins, UAL
  • Dr Ken Wilder, Reader and Programme Director, Interior and Spatial Design, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL
  • Dr Anna-Mari Almila, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Sociology of Fashion, London College of Fashion, UAL
  • Dr Wiebke Leister, Course Director, MA Photography, London College of Communications
  • Virna Koutla, Architect and Engineer, Post-Graduate Student in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art